KARACHI - The countrys oil import bill for the first two months (July-August) of the financial year 20010-11 has increased by 25.28 per cent, Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) reported on Monday. Total oil imports, including crude and petroleum products, amounted to $1.9 billion during July-September period of the prevalent fiscal year from $1.52 billion in the same period last year. On the contrary, the petroleum products imports stood at $933.1 million as against $994.7 million, showing a decline of 6.20 per cent YoY in growth over the same period of FY10. Showing the similar trend, the quantum of the petroleum crude products imported into the country during the period under review reached the level of $950 million when compared to $509 million in Jul-Aug FY10. In addition, this group showed 86.90 per cent YoY raise in growth. According to official figures released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, in August 2010 alone, the petroleum group;s imports swelled by 16.67 per cent on month-on-month basis. Likewise the entire imports in this broad category up by 7.19 per cent. The FBS data revealed that Pakistan spent $858 million on the import of oil products in the month of August this year as against $7.35 million of the corresponding month of 2009. The imports of petroleum and crude products include transportation fuels, fuel oils for heating and electricity generation, asphalt and road oil, and the feedstock used to make chemicals, plastics, and synthetic materials amounted to $541.2 million from $505 million and $317 million from $230 million respectively in August 2009. Economists warned that the countrys oil imports bill may see a rising trend in the days to come on account of an expected boom in real economic activity and aggregate demand to be emanated from the rehabilitation and reconstruction works in the flood affected parts of the country. The upsurge in aggregate demand would keep upward pressure on the current account position, which would not be a positive sign for the external sector of the economy, they said.