Dr Aafia symbolizes the need of every Pakistani to liberate themselves from the psychological and physiological neo-imperialist hegemony. The entire movement was to break free from the clutches of external oppression that breeds hopeless despair amongst the public, but the failure of our government and its lack of interest is indicative of the fact that there is no change on the horizon for the subjugated citizens. Aafias sentence for eighty six years of imprisonment conveys the American mindset that aims to hold the entire Pakistani people captive for a similar number of years if not more. This can be elucidated by the intensified drone attacks on the Pakistani territory which are being conducted by the tacit yet absolute consent and compliance of the Pakistani leadership that has left the entire public at the mercy of the US whims in favor of a few petty personal gains while providing strong bases to foreign forces inside the Pakistani territory. The helicopters that were sent in the guise of humanitarian missions to Pakistan along with thousands of US marines have obviously begun what they had actually aimed; launch territorial attacks upon the Pakistani territory killing 30 people on Sunday while drone a attacks too killed 10 on the very same day making it the 62nd attack of the year 2010. The government needs to change its stance and wake up to the threat these attacks pose for the nation and to take matters in its own hands by starting a reconciliation process in the NWA of Pakistan similar to that of the Afghan peace process. -MARYA MUFTI, Lahore, September 27.