What is the ICC doing to help Pakistan at such a difficult time when we are being isolated not only in the international community but in the cricketing community as well? What is the ICC stance on Pakistan hosting cricket in future? Does it not fear that Pakistan would be further isolated by the recent match-fixing accusations? If it does, why hasnt the ICC made a strong statement about backing the Pakistan national teams right to play cricket when some are already calling for a 'short ban? What are the views of ICC Chief executive Officer Haroon Lorgat on the calls for banning Pakistan? Does he not think that ICC should take responsibility for its failure in being able to protect young players from falling into corrupt hands? What exactly is the role of ICC and ACSU in particular, when you have to rely so much on tabloids, sting operations, and police services like Scotland Yard to carry on investigations? Will it be fair to say that the ICC is incompetent? Mr Lorgat needs to come clean on his organizations view of the innocent until proven guilty dictum. It also needs to tell us if it has enough proof to ban the Pakistani trio? If its the latter, why is it so reluctant to share this proof with public? It is a responsibility of the CEO of crickets premier supervisory body to clearly spell out the detailed roadmap of investigations ahead, that is, how lengthy the investigations would be, by what time does he expect these to conclude and will the ICC consider allowing these three players to play provisionally in the forthcoming World Cup? Mr Logart hails from South Africa and South African players were once caught and convicted for match-fixing in the past. So a question to him would be relevant that if Pakistani players are also convicted, will they be given the same punishment that was given to the South African players? -ROMAN AHMED, Karachi, September 25.