THE title for Adele’s theme song for the upcoming James Bond film is rumoured to be Let The Sky Fall.The song has been described as an ‘ominous, dramatic ballad’ which features ‘lots of gorgeous horn flourishes’, according to Showbiz 411. The website, which also revealed some of the alleged lyrics, gushed that the track was ‘fresh, new, and original’.The chorus reportedly includes the lyrics: ‘Let the sky fall/ Let it crumble/ We will stand tall/And face it all/ together.”Adele is rumoured to be singing the lines: ‘This is the end/ Hold your breath and count to ten/ Feel the Earth move and then/ Hear my heart burst again.’One Republic star Ryan Tedder claims he has heard the track and said it was the best Bond song he’d ever heard.He said in a tweet which was later deleted: ‘I’ve heard it. Best bond song in my lifetime. Hands down- hats off once again to Paul Epworth and Adele. Hope they win Oscar.’The singer sparked speculation that she was singing the Bond theme song when she was spotted at Abbey Road studios - the same place that Skyfall composer Thomas Newman has been working.As far back as last year, Adele teased Jonathan Ross saying she was planning on recording a ‘theme’ song.She said: ‘I’m going back in the studio in November, fingers crossed. Well, this is actually a theme, that I’ve got to do. Wow, that’s really giving something away.’ Daniel Craig is set to reprise his role as womanising 007 for the third time in Skyfall opposite Javier Bardem as the villain Raoul Silva. Skyfall will be released in UK cinemas on October 26.                               –Metro