QUETTA - The legislators of Balochistan Assembly have strongly condemned the allegations of Public Accounts Committee’s Chairman Nadeem Afzal Chan that Balochistan Assembly is a dummy and its members are corrupt.They warned that if Mr Chan did not withdraw his remarks they would bring a condemnation resolution in Balochistan Assembly which would not convey a positive massage to PPP and centre. The session of the assembly started on Thursday with Speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhootani in chair.Soon after recitation of the Holy Quran, provincial Minister for Revenue Zamarak Khan Achakzai took the floor on a point of order and came down hard on Nadeem Afzal Chan, saying Mr Chan in a TV talk- show had accused that Balochistan Assembly was a dummy because the real parties had boycotted the elections and ministers were involved in embezzlement of funds. “The allegations of Mr Chan tantamount to breach of parliamentary privilege,” he added. He said representatives of almost all the parties were present in the assembly though some parties had apparently boycotted the elections, adding that chief minister and provincial government belonged to PPP and despite that leveling such allegations by PPP leader was regrettable.Minister for Environment Mir Asghar Rind said people sitting in Islamabad did not have proper knowledge of the area and population of Balochistan and were issuing statements sitting in luxurious hotels utilizing NGOs’ funds. He clarified that no party in Balochistan had boycotted elections, however, some of them fielded their candidates indirectly. “We are not hypocrite, therefore, we contested elections openly,” he added.Shahnawaz Marri, condemning PAC chairman’s statement, said same people would also sweep in upcoming elections, adding those who boycotted the elections were sitting in Dubai and London. “Who is funding these leaders to live abroad?” he asked, adding the PPP leader should not have leveled such allegations against Balochistan Assembly.MPA Nasreen Kethran said incumbent provincial government had carried out a lot of development work despite the fact that it got development funds after NFC-Award.Other lawmakers, including Ainullah Shams, Molvi Abdul Samad, Abdul Rehman Jamali and Younus Mullazai also denounced Chan’s statement, saying he was a senior leader and he should have not used such language against Balochistan Assembly and its members. “Anchor persons always strive to make people speak such words which could lead to confusion,” they added. They suggested that through a condemnation resolution this message should be conveyed that PPP leader had breached parliamentary privilege and as for as embezzlement of funds were concerned there should be an accountability of funds and they were ready for any punishment.Upon this, speaker directed legislators to contact concerned member and he should be told to explain the allegations or withdraw them otherwise Balochistan Assembly would bring a condemnation resolution and a positive message would not go to PPP and center. Sheikh Jaffar Khan Mandokhel, on a point of order, said establishment division should review its policy of deploying officials having Balochistan domicile forcefully in the province.He said Balochistan officials should remain in other provinces and as per rules officials of other provinces should come here and serve the people. Abdul Rehman Jamali, supporting MPA Shaikh Jaffar’s viewpoint, said Balochistan officials were performing well in other provinces and they should not be forced to return to province.He said there were other officials in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that might be deployed in Balochistan.Ainullah Shams said establishment division should review its policy and deploy officials according to the rules.