At the time when the world economy is passing through the worse stage of its history, tension is raising between two Asian economic giants, China and Japan. Asian stocks fell sharply after the growing tension between China and Japan and added further worries in Europe. Japan has already closed several top brands and factories in China after the tension. The ownership of the disputed islands is the main cause of tension between the two nations for decades. The purchase of Diaoyo Island by the Japanese government from private owners raised tension between the two countries. Taiwan also claims ownership of disputed island. Only a month ago China lodged a strong protest with the Japanese government after activists landed on this disputed island. Chinese protestors also staged an anti-Japan rally outside the Japan Embassy; in Beijing protests also took place across China after growing tension. According to media China sent its first aircraft carrier and several boats towards the disputed Island in a show of force. In the presence of Japan, Naval Ships any small mistake can bring big disaster in the region. Despite growing tension UNO and the world community is turning a blind eye.KHAWAJA UMER FAROOQ, Jeddah, September 25.