KARACHI - WWF-Pakistan’s Indus for All Programme observed World Tourism Day at Keenjhar Lake. The event was attended by government officials, civil society members, CBOs representatives and members of nature clubs. Speaking on the occasion, chief guest of the event, educationist and writer Rasool Bux Dar said that government was not serious about the management of potential tourist spots in Sindh. Conditions of many such spots are worsening due to that careless attitude. He said that renowned poets of Sindh, including Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Sheikh Ayaz have written poetry on natural beauty of Keenjhar Lake. The lake has remained habitat for migratory birds since decades but now these birds have been disappearing and its beauty is diminishing due to a number of reasons. He said that Jhimpir site of the Keenjhar Lake has a lot of greenery and natural beauty where water parks and restaurants can be constructed. He also urged that government institutions to come forward to take measures for stopping of untreated industrial waste being discharged into lake.Jahangir Durrani, senior natural resource management officer Indus for All Programme, said that Sindh had great tourism potential which should be exploited. He said that visitors coming to Keenjhar Lake add to its pollution and do not care for natural beauty of the lake. He said that in addition to Keenjhar Lake, Makli necropolis and our heritage areas offer splendid tourist spots for visitors. He said that tourism industry contributes great portion in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa and Egypt. “A lot of income can be generated, if tourism is promoted in Sindh,” he observed. He emphasised that concept of nature clubs, which are established by the WWF to sensitise students about ecology and environment should be promoted across country.Field coordinator, Indus for All Programme, Ghulam Rasool Khatri said that linking tourism with sustainable energy and sustainable development was essential. However, nowadays due to security reasons, foreign tourists are reluctant to visit the Keenjhar Lake. He remarked that current situation of tourism is pitiable in Sindh. He said that province provides huge diversity in terms of its natural environment, archaeological sites and living culture. He emphasised that the community should not wait for others and start working on self-help basis to preserve historic monuments and tourist places.On this occasion, lake cleaning activity was organised with support of Sindh Tourism Development Corporation and students of Jhimpir Nature Club.