Health is the basic need of every human being to live a good life. The proper deliverance of health facilities nourishes the society in to a strong and effective community. The health care system in Pakistan is facing many problems such as scarcity of resource, gender insensitivity, inefficiency, and lack of convenience and utilization. The conditions of government hospitals are pathetic, as compared to private hospitals. Majority of the population is not able to visit private health centres, as they are very expensive. 70 percent of our population is living in rural areas; they do not have access to basic health facilities. This obtuse behavior on the part of the government has resulted in increasing problems for our people. A healthy society has the ability to participate actively in the development of the country. But here in Pakistan, health facilities are not to facilitate the public.The initiative to launch a ‘Ladies Health Worker’ program was a good step from the government. This program helped in facilitating the people at the rural level. The ‘Lady Health Workers’ received trainings so that they could spread awareness about different diseases and hygiene to the rural community. Many new and dangerous diseases like dengue, hepatitis, etc are spreading rapidly in our communities, so it is important that people are updated as early as possible. This will happen when we will bring reforms in our health sector. After the 18th amendment, the Ministry of Health was devolved to the provinces, so now it is important that the provincial government must initiate healthy changes in this department. According to the ranking of world health organization Pakistan ranks 122 in the overall health system. In Pakistan we lose three women per hour, and more than 30,000 women die every year by not receiving any heath facility. Both women and children are the worst affectees for not getting proper health facilities. So in order to have an energetic and healthy society, we have to equip our health department with healthy reforms.MUHAMMAD UZAIR NIAZI, Mianwali, September 26.