SADIQABAD - The Founders Group leaders thanked the businessmen of the district for putting their trust in it by electing its candidates again in the Rahim Yar Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry's elections. The business leaders including Muhammad Ibrahim, M Saleem, Imtiaz Ahmad, Fiazudding, Mehmood Ahmad, Basheer Ahmad and Riaz Gujjar said that their group's obvious superiority in the elections had proved that the district business community had complete trust in it. They said that those use the chamber for their vested interest had no room in the non-political business institution. They were addressing the chamber's members and the businessmen who gathered there to feliciate them on the Founders Group's victory in the elections.  On September 24, the Founders Group won the Rahim Yar Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry's elections. In these elections, 723 voters used their right to vote and elected five Associate Class and five Corporate Class members for the next two years. According to the results, the Founders Group won two seats of corporate class and four seats of associate class out of five. Earlier, the leaders were of the view that the elections were very important for the business community of the district. They said their opponent group had created impediments in the way of the chamber's progress, and thus the latter was feeling ashamed of facing the voters. The Founders' candidates included Sheikh Imaduddin, Talat Mehmood, Saeed Akhtar, M Yasin, M Azhar, Khurram Munir, Zahid, Iqbal and Asif said that that it was an honour for them to contest elections at the platform of the Founders' Group.