LAHORE - Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) president Lt Gen (retd) Syed Arif Hasan has termed the national sports federations meeting summoned by Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) on October 1 ‘unconstitutional’ as the PSB has no authority to do so. “This meeting has no legal status as PSB has no constitutional authority to call such a meeting and their  act is a direct interference in the internal affairs of national federations,” he told reporters in a media briefing. Also present on the occasion was POA secretary M Khalid Mahmood.“The PSB has its own vendetta to violate the Olympic charter and Olympic movement and PSB under its ongoing campaign has taken another unconstitutional step by summoning a meeting of all the national federations which aims at directing them to amend their respective constitutions to implement the sports policy which is another illegal objective,” he said.He said Pakistan’s sports were going through a bad phase as the PSB was fully determined to ruin country’s sports by implementing the sports policy at all cost. “PSB only aim is to implement the one clause of the policy which is to bar office bearers from contesting any office in a national federation for a third successive terms and they are not interested to give any importance to other points of the policy,” he added. The POA chief said as per ruling of the Supreme Court if any national federation wanted to disaffiliate itself from the PSB it can do so and the PSB has no authority to take any action against it. “IOC and OCA are fully aware of the ongoing situation in sports scenario and they are monitoring it on regular basis and if this issue is not resolved amicably it can draw severe action from these bodies which could lead Pakistan’s suspension from international sports,” he said. He made it clear if IOC and OCA took any action against Pakistan, the PSB would be responsible for it and the POA could be held responsible for it as it (POA) was striving for the implementation of Olympic charter and Olympic movement in Pakistan. To a query, he said: “The PSB cannot interfere in the affairs of POA or cannot direct them on any issue but efforts are being made from the platform of PSB for past many months to disrupt the smooth working of the national Olympic committee through various direct or indirect moves.”To another query, the POA chief said: “The re-composition of PSB is illegal and unconstitutional as no meeting of the board was called to do. They have increased the board's strength to 82 from 36 members to gain edge over national federations to dedicate them the terms and conditions at their will.” “I have written to PSB regarding our reservations on the legal status of the meeting and we have also written letters to the highest authorities of the country to avert any international action to safeguard the interest of country’s sports,” he concluded.