SADIQABAD - Tehrik-e-Istaqlal Central President Rahmat Khan Wardag has demanded that the federal government should appoint the Sindh interior minister from the MQM or Karachi should immediately be handed over to the army to ensure peace in the biggest city and economic hub of the country.He argued that during the Musharraf era (2002 to 2008), the provincial Interior Ministry had been run by the MQM and there was complete peace in the city. Meantime, only two tragic incidents such as Nishter Park blast and May 12 mayhem took place while as a whole, the law and order was under control, he added."If the government really wants to provide security of life and property in the city, it should immediately hand over the Interior Ministry to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement. Otherwise, the people will consider that the PPP itself is behind Karachi killings and lawlessness," Wardag said. Another reason behind the lawlessness, he maintained, was favouritism regarding recruitments on various administrative and police posts. "If the PPP is not willing to hand over the ministry to the MQM, it should had over the city to the army to ensure peace and provide security to the people to stop dozens of everyday killings.Terming Karachi the jugular vein of the country, Wardag stressed the need for purging the city from weapons by conducting military operation as Pakistan's economy could strengthen only after peace in Karachi. He added that in the present situation, the national economy was on the brink of destruction while the investors were wrapping up their business, thereby increasing unemployment in the country. He also said that the local government system was the real democracy, whereupon, the people's basis problems were resolved at their doorsteps.  He also demanded that the government should fulfill its promises made with the MQM regarding the local government system, enforce the Local Government Ordinance and get a bill passed from the Sindh Assembly in this regard. He added that by holding the local government elections, the people could be provided relief.