ISLAMABAD  - There will be no early general election in the country, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said Thursday, insisting the current government would see out its term, which ends in March.A long-running legal wrangle with the Supreme Court over corruption allegations against President Asif Ali Zardari has already led to one prime minister being thrown out of office and there has been speculation the festering row could force early polls. But Kaira said the coalition government led by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would complete its term.“The government will complete its tenure on March 18, 2013 after which a caretaker government will be formed,” Kaira told reporters in Islamabad.“Elections will be held accordingly on due time and we want them to be transparent.” If it lasts until March, the government will become the first elected administration in decades to complete a full five-year term.Under the constitution, when the mandate ends a caretaker administration has to be appointed to hold a general election within 90 days. The minister appreciated ECP’s decision to continue consultation with political parties for evolving a mechanism to hold free and fair elections.“Caretaker government will be in place well on time and every effort will be made to evolve consensus,” he informed media in front of Election Commission of Pakistan after ECP’s meeting with political parties.He reiterated government’s resolve to provide technical support to ECP for holding free and fair elections. “Whatever responsibility the Commission will assign to the government, we shall fulfill it.”Answering a question about formation of a caretaker government, the minister said, opposition had leaked couple of names and ‘you are well aware about comments of Sardar Ata Ullah Mengal on their proposal. “If anybody acts like that just for point scoring, it meets the similar fate as in the case of Ata Ullah Mengal.”He said this Parliament and the government will complete their tenure on March 18, 2013 and consultation process should continue for caretaker setup well on time. “Consultation is a constitutional requirement and we will consult our allies, opposition parties and even those parties who do not have representation in the Parliament.”When asked about credibility of the commission, Kaira said, he and his party had no doubt on credibility of Election Commission. “This is a state institution and all parties have to trust it. However, there are some capacity issues and the Commission and political parties are discussing it. We do not have any doubt on credibility of the Commission.”The minister said the government always opted for resolving issues through consultation even when there was tension and reaffirmed to resolve the matter of caretaker government with consensus.“If we could not evolve consensus, then there is laid down constitutional procedure for putting in place caretaker setup. There is nothing to worry about it,” he said.To a question about representation of dual nationality holders in the Parliament, the minister said, Overseas Pakistanis are more patriotic than anybody else and always keep thinking about the welfare of the country.But, it is decision of the court and the constitution that they cannot be members of the Parliament.“It is beyond perception that dual nationality holders can be part of executive, judiciary, bureaucracy, security agencies, foreign office and nuclear program, but they cannot be members of the Parliament,” he stated.On the issue of false declaration, Kaira said, the government respects decision of Supreme Court and Election Commission. But he observed that around 90 per cent MPs could have not studied the provisions of Article 62 and 63 in detail at the time of filing declaration.“My observation is that whether this mistake was committed by fault or deliberately. If any member filed false declaration mistakenly, then I feel that it should be looked into,” he said.