KARACHI - After parting ways with the ruling coalition of PPP government, the Pakistan Muslim League (Functional), Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) and National Peoples Party (NPP) on Thursday submitted a joint application, seeking allotment of opposition seats in Sindh Assembly.Led by PML-F’s parliamentary leader Jam Madad Ali, the MPAs of PML-F, PML-Q and NPP jointly submitted an application in the office of the Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza, requesting for allotment of opposition seats in the provincial legislature.The former allies of the PPP government while expressing their differences on promulgation of the Local Government Ordinance 2012, PML-F, NPP and a faction of the PML-Q parted ways with the government few days back.The ministers and advisors of the parties already tendered their resignations to the chief minister, which are still pending in the CM House and not sent to the governor for accepting. The PML-F’s Jam Madad Ali, Masroor Jatoi of NPP and Sheharyar Khan Mahar of PML-Q, accompanied with the other MPAs of their parties submitted joint application with the Deputy Speaker as Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro was not in the office. The MPAs, including Marvi Rashdi, Nusrat Sahar Abbasi, Rana Abdul Sattar and others of PML-F, Masroor Jatoi of NPP and Sheharyar Mahar of the PML-Q, and Abdul Razak Rahmoon of PML (Like-minded) were present on the occasion.In their application addressed to the Speaker, they urged the Speaker to allocate them Opposition benches in Sindh Assembly.After submitting the application, Jam Madad Ali of PML-F while addressing a press conference said that they would never support the controversial local government ordinance 2012, through which Sindh province has been divided in two systems administratively. He termed the Local Government Ordinance as against the integrity of Sindh and a plot to divide the province, which will never happen.He said that they would not sit on treasury benches in the Sindh Assembly session and would take part in the proceedings of the assembly through sitting on floor if they were not given Opposition seats. Jam Madad said that though they had not the required number of 42 MPAs to requisite the Sindh Assembly session but they will submit an application to the Speaker for summoning the Sindh Assembly session as they want to discuss this controversial LG Ordinance, devastation of recent rains and deteriorating law and order situation in the province.“It was not our headache whether resignations accepted or not,” he said. They declared that they will not rejoin the ruling coalition and decision of sitting on Opposition benches was final. He said that his party was in contact with the leadership of ANP to convince them for joining the Opposition benches.Meanwhile, the PML-Q Sindh was divided over the resignations as one group led by Haleem Adil Shaikh and Muhammad Malkani refuse to resign as they still holding the portfolios of ministers.However, only Shaharyar Mahar, son of Federal Minister Ghaus Bux Mahar who is the president of PML-Q Sindh chapter, was the only member who resigned and submitted application for Opposition seats.If Opposition seats were allotted to PML-F, Q and NPP, the total number of opposition members would be around 16 including four members of PML-Likeminded (MPAs Abdul Razak Rahmoon, Arbab Zulfiqar, Chetan Mal and Nazar Pathan), PML-F has 8 MPAs, 3 MPAs of NPP, while the PML-Q has only one MPA who will join the Opposition benches as other members have so far not ready to do so.When asked about rift in the PML-Q, the former minister of PML-Q Shaharyar Mahar said that ministers of PML-Q who still stitching with the ruling coalition hungry of power. He said that all the PML-Q will hopefully join the opposition benches next month.