ISLAMABAD - Hearing a petition about media accountability, the Supreme Court on Thursday issued written warning to Attorney General Irfan Qadir for unnecessarily interfering in the proceedings asking him to be careful in the future.When petitioner Absar Alam was arguing his case regarding Rs4.18 billion budget of information ministry, the AG raised objections on the figure claiming that the exact figure was Rs400 millions. The court rejecting his claim asked him to sit down but he persisted with his contention. Expressing anger over AG’s attitude, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja then issued him a written warning.Since his taking charge as attorney general, Irfan Qadir's relationship with the apex court judges has not been pleasant. On so many other occasions also his attitude with the judges has been too bad but the judges ignored it. During the hearing of contempt of court ordinance 2012, unpleasant scene was witnessed several times, when the AG sought to aggressively defended the supremacy of parliament.During the proceedings of Balochistan situation case, Balochistan High Court Bar Association President Zahoor Shahwani complained about attorney general’s bad tone and temper and remarked: "I have seen that the attorney general always comes to court to fight with judges." The AG’s role is to assist the court instead, he added.The Supreme Court had witnessed rowdy scenes during a hearing of separate petitions against the National Assembly speaker's ruling in the prime minister's disqualification case. The attorney general and some lawyers exchanged harsh words, while the former accused the chief justice of bias and said he should not be hearing the petitions against the speaker's ruling.The court had also issued notice to Irfan Qadir for explaining his conduct in Dr Arsalan case. In response to the court's notice, the AG questioned the conduct of three judges including the chief justice. On May30, Irfan Qadir refused to give details of progress in the investigation of Arsalan-Riaz case to SC Registrar Dr Faqir Hussain, asking him instead as to who had authorised him to consult him (AG) regarding the matter. Also, due to his unruly attitude, the court had to remove him from performing as prosecutor general in Malik Riaz contempt of court case.The AG also wrote a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner urging him to defying the Supreme Court directions in the dual national lawmakers’ case. The AG asked the CEC to proceed in the dual nationality case in accordance with the relevant provisions of the constitution while determining whether the Supreme Court is mandated by the constitution to issue directions to the election commission or not.