NANKANA SAHIB - Education is vital for the development, prosperity and peace in the country, said speakers at a seminar held by the SHE Project of the Presbyterian Education Board, at Snagla Hill.The seminar was titled "Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future" on the International Peace Day. Sumera Kiyani, the coordinator of Bedari, a non-governmental organisation, said in her address that America is the world's biggest terrorist and a great threat to peace across the world. She said, "Without education and training of the national youth, we cannot ensure prosperity and peace in Pakistan. Our government and the political parties must take peace and education promotion as priority in their agendas." Haji Abdula Hameed, a member of Peace Committee, Qari Amjad Qadri, a leader of Menhajul Quran, Arman Idrees Chatta and SHE Project Chief Coordinator Dil Awaiz also addressed the seminar. They said that without peace and safety of lives and property, prosperity is not possible. "Our rulers must work for the betterment and good governance to ensure peace. Peace of the world is at stake due to double standard of the US," they said and condemned the US and her allies for the drone attacks in Pakistan. At the end, shields and appreciation certificates were presented by Dil Awaiz to those who played constructive role in the development of peace in the district.Office-bearers elected: Ch Zaheeruddin and Riaz Miana were elected President and General Secretary respectively of the Punjab Kabaddi Association Hafizabad chapter for the current year.The other office-bearers included Raja Basharat as Vice President, Tayyab Gilani as Finance Secretary and Abdul Jabbar Ansari as Media Manager were elected.