The MNS govt. is trying hard to persuade the MQM parliamentarians to withdraw their resignations, who gauging the govt’s keenness are in return demanding more or less a free hand for their alleged heretofore activities considered by many as not very civil or serene. The MQM’s stance of their being pushed against the wall is irrational. Do they want that the Corrupt, the Bhata Mafia, the Land grabbers, the Target Killers etc. be not apprehended and tried for their heinous crimes? If there are any such elements among the rank and file of the MQM, it must divest itself from them immediately. And if there is none then why should the MQM be worried or try to protect them?

The govt. is faced with a similar quandary from the PPP as well who also want that the NAB, the FIA, the Police etc. should not take any action against the corrupt in their party. What kind of politicians and political leaders are they who are so brazenly and unashamedly advocating corruption, fraud and dishonesty?!! God save Pakistan from such leaders, ameen.


Rawalpindi, September 3.