Everyone loves a good old showdown between politicians- but in the case of PM Nawaz versus the Indian PM Modi, we have our backs to the wall. While Modi is received like a star is attending events and parties, PM Sharif only has the UN platform to make an impact. The odds are tacked against Pakistan.

Both Nawaz and Modi are in New York for the Sustainable Development Summit hosted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, where the new and ambitious post-2015 development agenda will be adopted. However, both parties have made it clear that there will be no bilateral meeting between them .Modi and Sharif, who are staying in the same hotel in the city - the iconic Waldorf Astoria, when asked if there will be a “deliberate attempt” to ensure that paths of the two leaders do not cross, the reply was all in negative.

Modi will not only speak to Silicon Valley’s biggest executives during his two-day visit to the US tech hub, but will also take questions from some of Facebook Inc’s 1.5 billion users at a Town Hall. He is the first Indian leader to visit the US West Coast in more than 30 years-expecting to receive a rock-star welcome through most of his visit. He also attended a dinner with 350 business leaders where Indian-born CEOs of Microsoft Corp, Google Inc and Adobe Systems Inc moderated a panel. He has also sought to encourage some Indians who have thrived around Silicon Valley to bring their knowledge back home. Modi boasts an 87 percent approval rating in India, quite a feat for a politician who for nearly a decade was prohibited from setting foot on US soil. That 2005 decision was based on Modi’s failure to stop the anti-Muslim Gujarat riots.

What is Nawaz Sharif doing? Modi has been focused on connecting with the Indian diaspora in the US, while Nawaz Sharif was considering speaking to the US President in Urdu, to give our national ego a boost. It almost sounds like a joke. Increasingly, Pakistan has nothing to offer to the west, including personality and charisma.

Pakistan must watch Modi’s gait and gestures. Modi is an astute politician, who has the ability to outsmart rivals with an amazing sense of timing. We on the other hand, are stuck with archaic, redundant policies of following the same deadbeat formula of ‘successes’. There has to be a drastic improvement of the Pakistani image in the west. The US is helping India get armed to the hilt and soon we will lose our only advantage- our military strength. And that is Modi’s aim - the political and military dominance of India. He has a plan? Do we?