KARACHI - The three-day 18th ITCN Fire and Safety Asia International Exhibitions on Thursday concluded with mutual agreements of $250 million dollars.

The exhibitions were attended by over 70,000 people. Students from 20 universities and colleges have also visited on the last day of the exhibitions.

Over 30 conferences and seminars have been organised at the exhibition on the topics of IT security, cyber safety, fire and control where experts and scholars shared their experiences.

Ali Adnan, IT expert, said that due to increasing awareness about IT this year attendance was much higher at 18th ITCN Asia and number of agreements was also increased.

He said that ITCN Asia has become world standard exhibition. He said that hopes were high on the present government regarding improvement in IT technology in the country.

Shirley Wu, who headed a delegation of Chinese company and working with Pakistan for the last 20 years, said there was no gap in partnership with Pakistan.

She said there were problems in the past due to inconsistent policies in Pakistan. However, she believed under the leadership of Imran Khan, Pakistan would resolve such issues.

Shirley dispelled the impression that there was any quality compromise by Chinese production. She said that China had lead in manufacturing of IT related products.

Leading trader Sohail Ahmed Chandana said that many companies had signed agreements at B2B meetings which would be beneficial for Pakistani companies. Over 600 companies representing 25 countries have participated 18th ITCN Asia and Fire and Safety Asia exhibitions.

On the second day Murtuza Wahab, Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister and Shehla Raza visited the exhibitions. Wahab said that Sindh government also promoted such exhibitions and also interested in cooperating with private sector in future.

He said that the foreign participations in the exhibitions were sending positing images to the world. On the last day of the exhibitions, Umair Nizam, Vice President, E-Commerce Gateway Pakistan said that it was a big challenge to organise two exhibitions at a time. However, the organisers have managed to accomplish the task, he added.