Shopping bag packed body of six-year-old girl was recovered here on Thursday night, police said.

Six-year-old Arbish, the only daughter of her parents went missing on Thursday afternoon near her residence in Latifabad area of Hyderabad.

 Few hours later, the shopping bag packed body of the missing girl was found in street outside her residence.

The closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, shows a burqa-clad person dumping the body in a shopping bag in a street in Latifabad number 10.

The body was shifted to Bhitai Hospital for postmortem.

“The body shows no sign of abuse, however, the cause of death can only be confirmed after the post-mortem report,” Kausar Waqar a medico-legal officer at Bhitai Hospital said.

The police after registering a case against unidentified murderers have started an investigation.