One more time the United States took the world stage for telling lies. In the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting, Trump, who was the laughing stock for his boast before the audience in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) at first, took up too many fights while chairing the meeting. On both occasions, Trump’s speeches were devoid of substance.

The session of SC seemed to be a platform where Trump was required to run his election campaign. While he spoke about unemployment in the US, he also tried to find some scapegoat for his possible poor performance in the midterm elections in the US that are due this November. Notably, his comments about China’s possible interference in the midterm elections are shocking. China is known for strictly adhering to one of the core elements of its foreign policy that is “non-interference” in any country’s domestic issue.

Moreover, Mr Trump held Russia and Iran responsible for the mayhem in Syria, while conveniently ignoring his own country’s role in the creation of the Islamic State (IS). While Trump is embarked on a path of belligerence, especially against Iran and China, other western powers like France and Britain tried to inject balance into the proceedings. Worth mentioning are the remarks of the leaders of these two countries who think that the deal is the best way to keep Iran at bay from developing nukes.

The session of the UNSC reveals that the US wants the SC as a platform where the other members of the body honour its wishes without any criticism. It is about time for the rest of the members of the SC and world community to stop giving hearing ear to imperial lies that the US often tells the world. Iran is not the only country that America has lied about. Before Iran, there was Iraq where the US constructed lies to invade the country. Therefore, France, Britain and China’s opposition to comply with US sanctions is welcome.