KARACHI - Unhealthy lifestyle, unhygienic diet, lack of physical activity, overeating and smoking are measure causes of developing symptoms including high blood pressure and obesity.

It is suggested that people should adopt healthy lifestyle, in order to avoid the chances of heart strokes. This was said by DOW Medical University Vice Chancellor Dr Saeed Qureshi during a ceremony to observe the World Health Day, at university auditorium, on Thursday.

“People must include two-hour workout in their daily routine,” he requested, adding that these will reduce 30 percent chance of heart strokes. He further said that people must avoid having canned and process foods, while make part of physical activity in their daily life routine.

Director National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Dr Nadeem Qamar while addressing to the seminar added that we have established several angioplasty units in different parts of rural Sindh, as NICVD Karachi has become overburden due to sole government run health facility in Karachi. “We have also initiated our prionetsive cardiology unit,” he announced, adding that “Since the beginning of the year, the NICVD successfully conducted more than 3000 operation procedures.”

Professor Dr Shahzaman said that 85 percent death happening around the globe due to heart related diseases, while it is also recorded that third world countries have large number of heart patients as compare to developed countries.