LOS ANGELES - Lady GaGa refused to get a ‘’nose job’’ early in her career.

The ‘Just Dance’ hitmaker revealed people tried to persuade her to have plastic surgery become she released her debut single, but she held her ground and was determined to stay true to herself. She told the Mirror: ‘’Before my first single ever came out it was suggested I get a nose job but I said ‘No.’ I love my Italian nose. ‘’If people wanted me to look like a -pot I would look like the opposite. If they said ‘Try dancing and looking this way’ I would always flip it on its head and do it my way.’’

The ‘A Star Is Born’ actress admitted she had to use some of her own securities for her role as unknown singer-songwriter Ally in Bradley Cooper’s upcoming musical drama. Explaining how she stripped off the make-up she usually wears for her own live performances, she added: ‘’It put me in the right place I needed to be. When my character talks about how ugly she feels - that was real.