MOSCOW - The Indian authorities are ready to sign a $5.43 billion contract to purchase five regiments of Russian S-400 Triumph air defence systems, local media reported on Thursday.

According to the Times of India media outlet, the Indian Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) headed by country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave consent to the purchase of the Russian air defence systems. The decision was reportedly made ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the country, set for early October. India could become the third foreign buyer of these systems, following China and Turkey. Also, negotiations on the S-400 deliveries are continuing with Saudi Arabia. The United States voiced its concern over the Indian plans to purchase the S-400 systems, pointing out that sanctions over the deal could not be ruled out. The S-400 Triumph is Russia's next-generation mobile surface-to-air missile system carrying three different types of missiles capable of destroying aerial targets at a short-to-extremely-long range.

It integrates a multifunctional radar, autonomous detection and targeting systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, launchers, and a command and control centre.