LAHORE - Punjab Minister for Livestock & Dairy Development, Sardar Husnain Bahadar Dareshak inaugurated the first day of ‘International Poultry Expo 2018’ on Thursday. In his address to the audience at Expo Centre Lahore as a chief guest, Sardar Husnain Bahadar Dareshak stated, “The forum of Poultry Expo 2018 will provide an opportunity to share information, progress and achievements made by poultry sector to meet domestic requirements at competitive price and challenge of the world food market.

In Pakistan deficiency of animal protein foods for its rapidly growing population poses serious health hazards, which include mental retardation, mortality of about 12 percent in infants, lowered resistance to infections and reduces capacity to work. It is heartening to note that our poultry sector is bridging this gap in Pakistan.”

He said, “I am confident that Pakistan Poultry Association, in collaboration with Ministry of Livestock & Dairy Development and its allied provincial organizations would make endeavors not only to sustain the present growth rate in the Poultry Sector but would also develop it to meet the challenges of self sufficiency and self reliance in the production of animal protein food in the country”.

The Minister Livestock and Dairy development said that the energy crisis has hampered poultry industry in the past and Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) government believes in resolving the issues related to energy as far as poultry industry is concerned. Our government is taking every possible measure to resolve problems being faced by the poultry sector in closed coordination with all the provincial governments and Federal Government of Pakistan. Government is fully alive to the problems and issues of this dynamic sector and is committed to resolve them. Exemption of General Sales Tax (GST) / VAT on poultry feed, reduction in regulatory duty on feed raw materials, are few mentionable policy decisions.