LAHORE - A resolution binding the president, the prime minister, ministers and government functionaries to send their children in state-run schools has been submitted to the Punjab Assembly.

PML-N lawmaker Rabiya Nusrat has submitted the resolution to the Assembly secretariat for Assembly’s ratification.

In her resolution, she has taken the plea that if the children of political and official figures get education in the state-run institutes, the government would make efforts to improve the standard of education in these institutions.

This would also provide the much needed relief to the general public who have to pay heavy fees charged by the private schools and colleges, says the resolution. It further reads that government should pass a law to punish the high-ups who don’t send their children in government schools after enactment of a law.

The resolution, if passed by the Punjab Assembly, would be sent to the federal government for implementation. It merits mention here that any resolution passed in public interest by any Assembly has no binding effect on the government.