BEIJING - Pakistan along with representatives from 100 countries and international organizations took part in the 3rd Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo in China's north Western Gansu province on Thursday. Dr Johar Ali, an official of Minstry of National Food Security, Dr Atta ur Rehaman , Counsellor Scientific and Technical Affairs in Pakistan embassy in Beijing, Dr Abid Ali Khan research scholar in Agriculture and others attended the opening ceremony. The participants discussed ways to further cooperation among the Belt and Road Initiative countries including Pakistan in different sectors including cultural, tourism, agriculture and other sectors. Around,1000 high-level Chinese and International guests from 100 countries and regions were attending the event. During the Expo multilevel and high-profiled sub-forums, activities and exhibitions to focus on dialogue and consultation, co-construction and sharing are being organized to look into the status and opportunities of Belt and Road Initiative and strive for the consensus among all parties.

Colorful cultural exhibitions and art performances also organized on the occasion for cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

The Dunhuang festival which is an international expo has been held in China since 2016.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Chinese senior officials said the first two edition have recorded a number of achievements. These include coming out with the Dunhuang Declaration, reaching consensus on cultural exchanges and cooperation, signing cooperation framework agreements, while economic and trade activities were carried out.

"Two thousand years ago, our ancestors blazed the trails, sailed across the ocean and finally opened up the Silk Road spanning Asia and Europe connecting land and sea. Its profound historical and cultural connotations not only provide nourishment for the Chinese civilization, but also inject vitality into rich and diverse world civilizations," officials recalled.

"In today's world where peace, cooperation and development remain the theme, the Silk Road shows us that we can learn from each other and seek mutual improvements through dialogue and communication of different civilizations and development patterns," they added.