Pakistan along with other member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) would participate in the second “Blade” International Sniper Competition to be held here from October 18.

The five-day competition will be hosted by Chinese Armored Police Force (APF) at Gaoling Training Base in Beijing, according to sources of the Chinese Ministry of Defence.

The theme of the competition is “real combat situation, elite forces and challenging tasks”, and there will be over 12 contests including short-distance precision shooting, hostage rescuing shooting, counter shooting, comprehensive combat etc.

The host has invited police and military snipers from over 20 countries including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states, countries alongside the Belt and Road Initiative and those with rich experiences. Special forces from the PLA Army, Navy and Air Force will also participate.

This competition is now a major brand of the Armed Police Force for real combat training and international cooperation.

It can help strengthen our cooperation with foreign military police forces, further enhance the counter-terrorism capabilities, and help Chinese snipers gain expertise and real combat experience.