President Dr Arif Alvi has emphasized on taking all necessary measures to promote the information technology sector.

Talking to Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui in Islamabad on Friday, he said there is a huge potential of exports and employment generation in Information Technology and Telecommunication Industry.

The president underlined that development in information technology and telecommunication holds the key for the future development of the country.

He said the efficient use of information technology can help improve the public services delivery structure of the country through digitalization of different ministries and government departments.

He stressed that research and development in this sector should be patronized to open up new avenues of progress in this sector.

Meanwhile, talking to a delegation of K-Electric in Islamabad today, President Dr Arif Alvi says all necessary measures should be taken to meet the electricity requirements of Karachi in the coming year.

The delegation briefed the president on the electricity requirements of the city and steps being taken to improve the system as per requirement.

President stressed that in addition to power generation attention should also be paid to improve the power transmission system, decreasing the line losses and curbing theft of electricity for the provision of interrupted electricity supply to domestic and commercial consumers.