Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA Dr Seema Zia on Thursday said party leader Jahangir Tareen was "rightly disqualified" but later apologized for her remarks.

Addressing the Sindh Assembly, Zia said, "Whatever happened with Tareen is very good."

She asserted, "He was rightly disqualified and whoever is involved in corrupt practices should be punished."

The PTI MPA’s statement came a day after the Supreme Court (SC) upheld its December 2017 decision of disqualifying Tareen for life.

A day earlier, SC dismissed a review petition filed by the PTI leader challenging the verdict that declared him unfit to hold public office. 

Furthermore, while talking about police reforms, she added, "After ruling in the province for 11 years, the Pakistan Peoples Party has only just realised the need for police reforms." 

However, later while speaking to the media outside the Sindh Assembly, Zia apologized for her remarks for regarding Jahangir Tareen .

"I highly respect Tareen and he has done a lot for the party and it is owing his sacrifices that the PTI is where it is today," she said.

The PTI MPA further said, "I only meant to say that we respect courts and their decisions whether they be against me, our party leadership or anyone else."