Reports appearing in the newspapers that Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to skip upcoming United Nations General Assembly session in New York getting underway in the last week of this month are quite disturbing to say the least.

With due respect to Foreign Minister Shah Mahnusd Qureshi who will be leading Pakistan delegation in the absence of the prime minister, this is emphatically stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan as the newly-elected head of the government of the country must avail the opportunity to address the gathering of the world leaders highlighting internal and external challenges and problems faced by his country and what are his plans to pull the country and put it on the straight path of progress and prosperity, reiterate Pakistan’s continued support to Kashmiris and ongoing Indian security forces atrocities in the occupied territory as well as relations with immediate neighbours and beyond and CPEC among other matters and concerns of international and national importance.

Highlighting these things by the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister at such a representative international forum certainly and surely makes lot of difference. Furthermore while in New York, PM Imran Khan can meet number of heads of states and governments of the friendly countries on the sidelines for the first time after assuming the high office and emphasize on improving bilateral relations and boosting economic and trade relations favourably towards Islamabad in particular.

As for the austerity measures are concerned, the PM can travel in economy class, take only essential least number of members of delegation with him not offering free joy ride to none and stay in suitable but economical hotel accommodation in New York for minimum required days. Such minimum expenses for promoting national cause at such high international forum in no means amount to wastage of public money


Lahore, September 5.