By this time the Prime Minister would have addressed the UNGA. It goes without saying that his address would be an up scaling of his Kashmir Diplomacy; assertive, factual and persuasive with a profound element of humility and pain. Though President Trump refrained from addressing Kashmir in his scripted speech, the pressure thus mounted compelled him to insert a one liner. Similarly India also planned to ignore this question. Let us see how Prime Minister Modi retorts and preempts in his speech on within its right of reply later?

 This is the journey and transformation of a human aid worker and international celebrity into the murky world of a fish pond where the big consume the small. His journey from New York will give him ample time to reflect on how the world saw him and his country and how he must prepare the home turf for the next battle. The battle is tough and challenging, something that suits his character and temperament. 

For Prime Minister Imran Khan, the foray into High Politics is a journey into the world of realist politics, double talk, deceit and betrayal.  It is about matters that are vital to the very survival of the state within the national and international security based on national interest and not morality or questions of ethics and conscience. Because High Politics operates in the paradigm of Political Realism, it tends to get very immoral with a flexible conscience.  

The catchy word is ‘national interests’. In international relations, absolute good can be construed into absolute evil. Hans Joachim Morgenthau wrote in ‘Politics amongst Nations’, “the statesman must think in terms of the national interest, conceived as power among other powers. The popular mind, unaware of the fine distinctions of the statesman’s thinking, reasons more often than not in the simple moralistic and legalistic terms of absolute good and absolute evil”. 

When world leaders diplomatically tell him to sort out issues with India bilaterally, it actually means ‘go to hell and listen to India’. President Trump’s offer at mediation despite him closing ranks with Prime Minister Modi and threatening Pakistan unequivocally (Radical Islamic Terrorism) implies negotiations over Azad Jammu and Kashmir in backdrop of India’s right of paramountcy and occupation under the fictitious Instrument of Accession. 

 Pakistan has to think and rethink President Trump’s utterances again and again. He is a type who will empty your pocket without knowing. He has already done it to Pakistan over money his country owes. 

I wish Imran made this journey into High Politics in 2018 (as I kept advocating) and not consumed his energies in the domestic affairs of ‘Low politics’. Though absolutely vital to the survival of the state such as economics and the social affairs, it is overcast by a hostile international environment. The fact that he learned and transformed within days has initiated a framework of a credible Pakistan. Nothing to feel over joyed! This is the beginning. Imran will have to think and rethink. 

The best description of a transformed Khan comes from the Independent of UK. “After a year of Imran Khan, Pakistan is finally stepping into its role as a world player. Between wild-eyed fanaticism and outright bashing, most forgot the messy, scattered, gargantuan prospect Pakistan really is. Undeniably, Pakistan has been heading in the wrong direction for the last five decades; an extractive political system created a rent seeking political and economic elite, benefitting a sliver of society at the expense of the masses. Fleeting periods appeared when the sea wasn’t choppy, but change never sustained. Amid the backdrop of such misgovernance, Khan’s rise as a legitimate political alternative led to the fanning of irrational expectancies”. The domestic chores begin now. 

With the contrast of high expectations set in Imran’s UNGA diplomacy and gargantuan situation back home, the Independent commented, “However, as is commonly believed, it is darkest before dawn. With expectations suitably calibrated to the tough reality that Khan’s leadership faces, it is possible to see green-shoots emerging in political and economic arenas”. It is only after the domestic agenda is reformed into high performance, would Pakistan be able to sustain its High Politics as a viable actor. Kashmir question will not be resolved immediately but it must come sooner than later. 

Imran Khan’s has burst into the international scene very much like the cricketer he was. His choice of English was correct. His choice of words and synonyms in his public speaking was articulate. His style certainly moved hearts and minds of the international audience. In short, he caught the imagination of the world; perhaps even captivated it. 

In Google trend he landed at second spot reducing Prime Minister Modi with ten times more population to fifth position. 

The British Labour Party moved a resolution against Indian annexation and human rights violations in Kashmir. 

Bernie Sanders the likely Democratic candidate for presidency talked passionately. “India’s action is unacceptable. The communications blockade must be lifted immediately, and the United States government must speak out boldly in support of international humanitarian law and in support of a UN-backed peaceful resolution that respects the will of the ‘Kashmiri people’.” He went on to write an Opinion in Houston Chronicle. “When President Trump meets with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston, we will hear much about the friendship between the American and Indian peoples. However, there will be a deafening silence on the human rights crisis in Kashmir”.

The annexation of IHK by India and scant diplomatic support Pakistan got is enough to awaken it to deceitful realities. But it is also a fact that the world is listening.  Much like his sustained political campaign of over two decades, he is activating pressure groups that shall sway international opinion. 

The foremost thought that shall stir his imagination during his long flight from New York to Islamabad will be how to make Pakistan effective on the international chequerboard. 

But beware! There should be no discussions on the flight home; not even whispers. Only notes should be exchanged. The aircraft he will use is not scanned by Pakistan’s security agencies.  

On the continuum and matrix of National Power, this visit proved that quality of national leadership has come right on top. It is now time to fill the gaps of nation building and national reconstruction.  

Though we may not realise there was a master stroke. Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey will set up an English and bilingual TV channel to project the Muslim World and true face of Islam. Sooner than later, this channel will spread to Indonesia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Iran and Bosnia. The foundations for a grand strategic alliance are laid; more on this subject later.

Like St. Paul wrote in his Epistle to Corinthians, “Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely”. 

As Imran Khan doses off into his long trans-Atlantic flight, he will start seeing clearly inside the murky waters of High Politics. God will bless his true intentions. 

Bienvenu Imran Khan! Though it is always darkest before dawn, get the nation going and firing all cylinders.