Pakistan’s thousands of problem with healthcare are being because of worst infrastructure. Public hospitals are overcrowded while private hospitals are unaffordable to poor’s. Unfortunately, when healthcare organizations in Pakistan receive any funding then they failed to utilize them accurately.

For controlling TB in Pakistan global fund has been given to Punjab government but unluckily it has not been handling them appropriately. The Global Fund provided with an amount of $3,246,333 to Punjab government to detect TB patients in Pakistan but yet the Punjab government could only spend US $1,409,805 during the last seven months.

As a result, the Global fund has sent an official letter to the Punjab government and warned it about the suspension of the grant if such a situation exists more. However, this is not merely a matter of losing a great funding but this is a big matter that bacteria which causes TB spreads through the air hence it is an infectious disease and if it is not eliminated then the patients if its rapidly get root. Meanwhile, Pakistan, with an estimated 510,000 new TB cases emerging each year ranks fifth among worst countries worldwide regard of TB.

Thus, I request government of Pakistan to look out this matter.