NEW YORK    -    A large number of people belonging to various communities in the United States including Pakistanis, Kashmiris and Sikhs on Friday staged a protest demonstration in front of the United Nations building when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing the UN General Assembly session. The participants of the demonstration were protesting against the continued Indian atrocities in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK), including the curfew, lockdown and communication blockade of eight million Kashmiris since August 5. The protestors carrying Kashmir flags, posters depicting images of victims of pellet guns, and placards inscribed with anti-Modi slogans including “Modi Murderer, Oppresser, Devil, Insane” demanded that Kashmiris should be provided with their basic rights, including the right to self-determination as per the UN resolutions. Some protesters also wore coffins with others clad in Kashmiri flags with anti-Modi placards displayed on their bodies which were against India.