LAHORE    -   Punjab Police Inspector General Arif Nawaz Khan on Friday issued a new standing order to deal with child abuse cases.

The provincial police chief directed Lahore CCPO, all RPOs, CPOs, and DPOs to take effective steps in order to address cases of child sexual abuse. According to the new policy, in case of agreement between accused and victim parties, the section 311 of the law should be added to the FIR so that the criminals could not escape punishment.

After receiving the information about child rape incident, the SHO should himself reach the crime scene immediately and report back to senior officers about the situation. The SHO will be bound to collect the scientific and material evidences from the crime scene and if the victim is found injured then he/she should be taken to the hospital by the SHO for the medical aid.

“The FIR will be lodged immediately and no delay should be tolerated in lodging of the case on the pretext of undue engagements so that accused could not get any edge during the trial of the case.”

A copy of FIR should also be sent to senior officers as a special report about the child abuse. Similarly, investigation officers will make a sketch of the victim with all hits, bruises, and signs of nails and other details. Also, the statement of the victim shall be recorded under section 164. If any affected child or female child or accused is under arrest then their samples of DNA shall be taken by the police so that any evidence may not get wasted.