In the year 1999 under the rigid retirement policy of the bank, the management of the bank had reduced the rate of pension from 70 % to 10 % of the basic pay to all the retired employees of the bank. This action of the bank had caused great financial loss and put the retirees into miserable financial condition of living. They were simultaneously requesting the management of the bank to review the policy and make it at par prior to 1999 but no attention was exceeded.

In the year 2010, one class of association of retired employees lodged a case in the Lahore High Court and Honorable Judges decreed the case in favor of retirees. The bank after having no alternate filed appeal in the Apex court against Lahore High Court decision. The Honorable judges of the Apex court dismissed the appeal of the bank and ordered to comply of the decision of the Lahore High Court. In order to protect the interest of the bank the counsel of the bank filed review appeal in the Apex court in the year 2016. The case is being adjourned on date to date on the request of the bank counsel.

More than three years have been passed and no date of hearing is being fixed by the Apex court. The retirees of the bank are living in miserable financial condition due to extreme price hike of daily utilities and their medical expenses. More over their annual increase has also been stopped and attached it with decision the court.

The concerned authorities of the Apex court is requested in the sake of Al Mighty Allah to please look into this deserving matter and fixe the date of hearing and decide it on either side so that we the retirees may be satisfied and put ourselves on the mercy of God.