It is well fact using mobile phones on the roads is extremely bad since it one of the reason of accidents which is happening each days in all over the world . using mobile phones in the road is such a Crime which causes lots problems.

Unfortunately, mobile phones using while driving is to much common and it is widely considered dangerous because due to it many accidents are being only due to using mobile phones on the way while driving the cars or motorcycles. However, mobile phones during the drive causes loss of human life and youth.

Every time the drivers is distracted with a cell phone in hand and they are driving dangerously and are risking others lives on the roads as well as their own lives. In the same way in Turbat this issue is going on many people are there while are driving car’s or motorcycles and using mobile phones. Due to this people’s accident are being and many people loss their beautiful life because of using mobile phones on the roads. Accidents texting while driving causes a 400 percent increased in time spent with eyes off the road.

According the report that during 15 percent of the time drives accidents caused by the drivers on cell phone are on the rise the percentage of drivers admitting to using their phones while on the roads actually increased in 2019 . According to police that in Turbat all the time people are using mobile on the roads due to it in Turbat Many accidents are happening.