India’s grand ambitions are nothing new, but its recent closeness to western states has given it the confidence to reignite its desire for a permanent seat at the United Nations Security council; on the basis of the “economic growth” it inspires within the region. If the international community was to surrender under the immense pressure that this seemingly fascist state is exerting, all atrocious and barbaric crimes it commits beyond its borders stand to be condoned—going against all humanitarian and governmental conventions. Surely, a seat in one of the most important councils for global conflict in the world cannot be given to a state that cannot respect the sanctity of law and order, or human life and willingly engages in conflict with its neighbours.

Throughout the course of decades, India has amassed immense economic influence across the region, supported, to a large degree, by the United States. This has led it to believe that its opinion in the spectrum of worldly politics is indispensable, thus fuelling the demand to have a permanent say in all matters. However, if the trajectory of the governance is scrutinised, it becomes undeniable that India is a despotic regime that, only within the last few months, has successfully robbed the entirety of Kashmir of its constitutional status—robbing the people of their identity—and promoted illegal territorial occupation along with mass censorship, political deprivation, economic suppression, curtailment of free expression and an overall violent environment which makes walking on the street unsecure. For such a country to weigh in international disputes, where concepts like morality and democratic principles have to be endorsed, is preposterous. The only outcome of that could be a strengthened belief that impunity can be granted to aggressive states if they are able to benefit great powers economically.

In light of all this, it is unacceptable for the global community to reward India with a special status. One source of comfort should be the fact that China, having the veto power and close ties with Pakistan, would never let this injustice happen so all dreams are fruitless at this point.