Mexico City - Mexico has ordered dozens of military personnel to be arrested for suspected involvement in the disappearance of 43 students from a teacher’s college six years ago, in an unresolved case that outraged the country. The arrest warrants were announced by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Saturday as he presented a report on a lengthy investigation into the tragedy. “Those proven to have participated will be judged,” he said at an event with parents of the missing students The president did not detail any charges against the suspects. The disappearance of the students in southern Gurerro state sent shockwaves around Mexico. They had commandeered five buses to travel to a protest, but were stopped by corrupt police officers in the city of Iguala, Guerrero and handed over to a drug cartel. Prosecutors initially said the cartel mistook the students for members of a rival gang and killed them before incinerating their bodies at a garbage dump and tossing the remains in a river. An official report presented in January 2015 by the government of then president Enrique Pena Nieto was rejected by relatives of the students as well as independent experts from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.