ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) will host 3rd China South Asia Literature Forum to enhance literary relations between writers of the China and South Asian Countries in October.

The forum is being aimed to strengthen and promote the mutual learning of civilisations and literary interaction between South Asian countries.

Allocation of tasks regarding the arrangements of this literature forum were taken into consideration, an official of PAL told APP on Tuesday.

He said that China Writers Association (CWA) established first China South Asia Literature Forum in 2016.

He said that there are six founding members of the forum including China Writers Association (CWA), Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL), SahityaAcademi, India, Nepal Academy, Nepal, Bangla Academy, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Academy. 

The literature of these South Asian countries enriched the splendour of Asian culture through continuous interaction, he said.

1st China South Asia Literature Forum (5-9 November 2017) was held in Chengdu while 2nd China South Asia Literature Forum (15-20 October 2019) was held in Kathmandu, Nepal by Nepal Academy and 3rd Forum China South Asia Literature Forum will be held in Pakistan, he stated.