After the heartbreaking Lahore Motorway incident, an old debate refreshed in our country, in barbershops to parliamentary seats, at different forums including Twitter, e-media and print media, on whether the rapist must be hanged publicly or not.

Before coming down to any conclusion, it should be kept in mind that such hard punishments are not welcomed in European countries and there is a danger as well that such acts may damage our trade market linked with those countries, in the name of human rights.

Many countries have stricter laws to punish rapists. Public hanging or victim shooting the rapist is the punishment in Iran, beheading or stoning to death in Saudi Arabia, life imprisonment in the USA, shooting in the head within four days of the trial in Afghanistan and public execution in North Korea are examples of this law. In Pakistan, a multi-pronged strategy needs to be adopted urgently. Here, the government of PTI must be praised for its readiness to address critical national issues irrespective of any international pressure.

In my opinion, to eradicate such shameless souls from our society, “public hangings” may be done for some time but this is not the permanent solution to this problem. The elected members of all political parties must find a permanent way out in the near future.