We all know that 2020 is the worst year. We have been going through the incurable coronavirus. This year, Pakistan, specifically Karachi, recorded the heaviest rainfall. And now sexual harassment, raping, kidnapping and murder cases are strengthening its roots here.

From Zainab’s case until today, the media have covered hundreds and hundreds of such cases. In the last week, a transgender social activist was killed, a 5-year-old girl got raped and a mother of two got gang-raped in front of her children.

Where are the laws? Where are the authorities? Where is justice? Who are the culprits? Have they been captured? No one knows.

Pakistan is an Islamic state. Our religion has given equal rights to both the genders. The constitution of Pakistan has laws according to our religion so why are these rapists are roaming freely? Why is it that girls, women, minor boys and even infant babies are not safe in our country? Why is such a shameful act is getting normalized in our society? We want justice. The rapist should be hanged in public.

It’s high time to cater to this situation. I request all the authorities, courts, media and elite to listen to our voices, bring those culprits and hang them in front of all.