THIS common expression reflects the uncertainties that are inherent in the game of cricket. A batsman might score a flawless century in the first innings and be out for a duck in the next. Similarly, with bowlers who could take a big haul of wickets, but a thorough thrashing could lie in wait for him soon after. Yet, good batsmen and bowlers would demonstrate a degree of consistency that would show them apart from the rest of the players. And, indeed, a coordinated work and captaincy would take more often than not to the winning post. It is a great pity that thanks to years long shabby management of the cricketing affairs, the Pakistani side, which used to be held in high esteem and, indeed, dreaded by its competitors, has fallen so low in ranking that the cricketing world was surprised to see it win against a formidable side like Australia in the ongoing series. That is what happened when it won the first match. But the euphoria had petered out with the second and third matches. The third one was literally thrown away when at 95 for no loss it was a strong position but we lost 4 valuable wickets with the addition of 12 runs. There is urgent need to set things right and chose the side on merit.