I want to inform you about the agony, confusion, mental stress, pressure and depression we, the 170 million Pakistanis, are going through due to moving the clocks ahead by an hour. No government has ever done something like this in 60 years except that of General Musharraf, which did it once. And even they had to abandon it due to extreme criticism. PPP's Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, though, imposed it on us suddenly this year, like a bolt from blue. His justification is that we will be saving 250 megawatts of electricity. I say, is that a sound argument? It surely is not Just to save this tiny bit of electricity, a meager 250 MW, you cannot turn the lives of all Pakistanis into hell. This is the same man who had announced abandonment of Kalabagh dam after millions of dollars had been wasted on its initial design and work. Daylight saving that he wants to do is not practical in our part of the world. Geographically, we are half an hour ahead of India, which is towards our east. Besides, most of our mosques as well as self-employed persons do not change their time while the government institutions do. Change of time is a source of confusion for all illiterate people. It also causes problems in travel schedules. People miss their functions and Namaz-e-Jananzas. And the change also clashes with GMT. -PIR ASHIQ HUSSAIN, Faisalabad, April 17.