WHILE the US administration officials keep giving out mixed signals towards Pakistan to egg it on to fight the terrorist menace - the temptation of economic and military assistance on the one hand and the pressure in the form of drone strikes on the other - one occasionally also finds somewhat saner voices coming out of the US. Senator Kit Bond, a Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, has told the Fox News that Washington has to convince New Delhi to move its forces away from the LoC in Kashmir to spare Islamabad the worry about its interference and enable it to deploy troops on the western border where militancy is rife. However, he stopped short of reminding President Obama of his campaign promise to take active interest in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. As any Subcontinent watcher would know, unless this rankling sore is healed, the feelings of distrust and tension would continue to bedevil Pak-India relations. The Pakistan government should step up its efforts and properly brief influential Americans, particularly persons like Senator Bond, about the absolute necessity of settling Kashmir before expecting Pakistan to wholeheartedly devote its energies to address the terrorist scourge. Senator Carl Levin (Democrat), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, stressed that Pakistan should be provided both economic and security assistance by the US. "We can support them (but) we can't dictate" them. He was for providing intelligence side by side with particularly economic aid. The Pakistanis have been complaining about Washington supplying equipment and intelligence that are inadequate to the task. It is time this gap was filled.