In the modern world, electricity is the main source of living. We Pakistanis are probably the only nation in the world that can survive in any circumstances, even with out electricity. Loadshedding in Pakistan has now become a part of our life with a minimum of four hours a day now part of our routine but we survive. In summer when electricity is an essential requirement for both housework and office work, we have no electricity. Successive government and many glib-talking politicians had promised to solve this problem but it has progressively gotten serious instead. On its bad days, we get to suffer a minimum of eight hours loadshedding a day. In my area (Sector#08, North Karachi), an added problem is the illegal load on PMT because of which it trips regularly. We have done everything to get the illegal connections cut; we have even gone up the entire hierarchy of the KESC but no action has been taken. They are all part of the problem rather than the solution. -AHMER ZIAUL HAQ, Karachi, via e-mail, April 19.