The Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has expressed concern over deteriorating law and order situation in Lyari. He said the terrorists are using modern weapons in attacks on police and residents.

He said people living in the area are facing difficulties as they are confined to their houses due to continuous violence in the area and there is shortage of food items in the area.

He appealed to the philanthropists to provide food items to the residents of violence-hit Lyari area. Altaf Hussain also urged government to provide security to Nabeel Gabol and his family.

Meanwhile, action against criminals and miscreants continues for the third day in Lyari on Sunday. Pitched battles between the criminals and law enforcement agencies including police have forced the people in the most tense areas of Lyari to leave their residences to safe areas.

Closure of shops and stoppage of all routine activities have resulted in shortage of edibles.

During the last two days of violence 10 people including the SHO of Civil Lines Police Station Fawwad Khan are killed while the police claimed a number of accuseds.

CID, FC and police begun operation of against criminals and wanted persons in various areas of Karachi on Friday morning.

The operation is headed by SSP CIA Chaudhary Aslam and additional personnel of Rapid Response Force and FC.

Law enforcement agencies are facing stiff resistance from the criminal elements who are attacking them with sophisticated weapons including hand grenades and rocket launchers.

SSP CID has claimed that wanted accused Mullah Nisar's brother Suhail has been killed while many criminals have been arrested with weapons.

Police has taken control of and razed the hideouts of the criminals in and around at Cheel Chowk, Lee Market, Afshani Lane and Gul Mohammad Lane and has replaced it with police posts.

However, Lyari gang war criminals still control of Sangolane, Gabool Park, Agra Taj and other areas.