LAHORE – Ghalib Market Police have registered a case against some accused men on charges of issuing life threats to a citizen, a report says.

According to the FIR (469/12) under section 506 of PPC, two men Ijaz Mirza and Mumtaz along with few armed men intercepted one Muhammad Siddique at third floor of the Siddque Trade Center.

“They abused me and hurled life threats in case I continued refusing to rejoin them, as I had worked for them some months back,” the complainant said, adding the accused men have been threatening him for the last several months.

Similarly, some vagabonds have been threatening to kill Mr Shahzad Butt, a resident of Ho-49 B-Block, Sabzazaar. According to his claim, some unidentified persons used to assemble in front of his house late at night and on his inquiry they issued him life threats.

Shahzad Butt has appealed to the CCPO Lahore Aslam Tareen to provide him security and take legal action against the vagabonds.