KARACHI – Up to 30 innocent people have been killed in the month of April in the drive against Lyari gangsters. Only three gangsters could be killed.

In the first showdown, a People’s Aman Committee member, namely Sakhi Jan, was killed in a shootout. The killing triggered tension. As a result, on April 3, seven people, including PPP leader Samad Somroo, were killed. On April 11, two innocent people were killed in an exchange of fire when law enforcers tried get inside Lyari. Six more people were killed on April 12.

After a gap of three days – on April 16 – police again tried to hunt the gangsters, They gave a summary to the Home Department for announcing reward money on several Lyari gangsters.

On April 26, a former town nazim and a CID policeman were killed. On April 27, eight more were killed, including a policeman and FIA official and a gangster Naeem Lahoti.

On April 28, another 10 people, among them two policemen and a gangster Mulla Sohail, were mowed down.