An elected democratic civil government derives moral and legal authority from constitution to exercise their powers to govern Pakistan in accordance with their oath of office strictly in accordance with letter and spirit of 1973 constitution. This authority our PM is devoid of, whatever the technicalities its legal experts may derive, or resort to. A military government lacks this moral and legal jurisdiction but yet assumes power through intimidation, threat of brute force and illegally suspending the constitution in violation of their oath.

The elected government, with its unfortunate poor performance, smeared with scams has thoroughly disappointed people of Pakistan, whose daily lives have been burdened with unprecedented inflation, lawlessness, crimes, insecurity, unreliable public transport system, while millions have been rendered unemployed by shutdowns of industry due no electricity or gas. Perception has the force of reality. It was and is the perception of majority of people of Pakistan that ZAB was judiciously murdered and all military dictators are usurpers, whatever the validation of these acts by judges who had taken an unconstitutional oath. Similarly, the perception based on a dismal poor performance and repetitive financial scams is that this government led by YRG has failed miserably and must take an honorable course and call for immediate fresh elections, otherwise they will lose politically. If PPP resorts to play Sindh or Seraiki card, it will only dent its image of a popular federal party and expose itself. It can chose to remain in power and create as unhealthy a precedent, as has been set in this country by likes of Ghulam Mohammed, Ayub Khan, Yahya, Zia and Musharraf.


Lahore, April 26.