KARACHI - The persisting gas curtailment has badly affected the commuters’ routine life, mainly of those who rely on public transport.

Commuters said that gas loadshedding had started in winter due to increasing demand of gas but there is no question of it in summers.

 It is illogical but authorities kept a mum over it and not even bother to take action against suspension of gas supply.

The stations were closed to following Sui Southern gas company announcement because the authorities have no any other option until they continue the gas curtailment according to the proposed plan.

The passengers of inter-city have also suffered and paid heavy cost of gas load-shedding program as a matter of fact the fare prices went up in the period of utility suspension.

Commercial transporters charges double during the gas curtailment because the numbers of public transport very short during the closure and usually the service providers use diesel fuel to run their transports so they have a reason for it.

The situation drastically affects the whole part of life where nobody secures due to this problem. People from different walk of life including office-goers, house keeper everyone are disturbed due to the situation where they planned their routine according to shutdown of gas which is important to full fill the routine tasks.